Mindfulness in virtual reality.



Imagine immersing yourself in a magical nature-scape as you follow a guided meditation designed and narrated by our wellness expert to empower and restore you.

Did you know more than 3 million Aussies suffer from anxiety and depression, and mental health impacts 1 in 5 of us every single day (ABS, 2016)?

Depression is the most common mental illness and one of the most persistent. Up to 80 percent of people experience a relapse, however new research suggests that practicing mindfulness may help prevent these and empower you to decrease symptoms and increase resilience for a better quality of life.

Research shows that meditation can help you better handle negative feelings and emotions, including stress, depression and anxiety.

Calm Blue Ocean

This is the first experience of our series, designed to help you find inner calm and let go of stress.

The Resilience Package includes 3 experiences:


Calm Blue Ocean

Feel the freedom of being lovingly enveloped by nature.


The Cave of Confidence

A magical cave, where healing crystals playfully protect and support you. Your self belief can be restored and personal power reactivated.


Mountains of Perspective

An empowering way to re-energise and focus.

Who is VR mindfulness for?

Mindfulness has proven to help manage depression, stress, anxiety, pain and addiction, whilst also demonstrating an ability to boost creativity, attention, focus, memory, and relationships
(Sane Australia).


Everyone. We are all challenged with the stress and anxiety of modern day life (traffic jams, work deadlines, pressures of study).


You. During life’s milestones or when big decisions present (graduating, moving house, getting married, getting divorced, and having a family, for example).


Those experiencing an increase in change and uncertainty, particularly when elements or event/s may be out of your control (pandemics like COVID-19 being a major suspect). 


People with pre-existing conditions or relapses triggered by stress, change or uncertainty. 


High functioning individuals looking for efficiencies in productivity, creativity and clarity. 


Sports Psychologists, and athletes who want to win. 

Register your interest:

Register your interest in our Therapeutic Practitioner Kit 

Includes all 3 experiences loaded onto an Oculus Quest headset for you to keep. All you need to get started in your clinic. Contact us.


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